Frozen Ballyhoo

In 2010, we experimented with frozen bally-hoo caught and packed in south Florida. Convinced we had a product that was superior to any other we have seen, we set out to market these baits. In 2011, we shipped our first orders under the name Stalker Outfitters Greenies. Success was instant and orders for 2012 increased over 600%.

What makes our bally-hoo so great? It is in the details of the handling process.

Fish are caught and immediately dumped into saltwater ice brine tanks, right on the boat. Back at the dock, our trucks pick the tanks directly off the boat. These giant coolers are then transported to our air-conditioned facility. Here the baits are sorted for size, bagged or rigged then bagged and quick frozen on racks. The packs are then packed frozen into boxes and stored for shipment. No other bait is packed into our packages. Supply is limited and sizes may vary from year to year. All of our bait is caught during a 3 month period in the winter when the best green bally-hoo are around. All of our bait is sold each year and nothing is held over.

This guarantees that our customers get nothing but the best "greenies" available in the world.