Black Series Wahoo Rods

Black series custom rods are built to the same standards as all Stalker Outfitters custom rods. Utilizing the finest components and building materials available. Black series rods are triple wrapped with Aftco rollers and Aftco Swivel tops. All Stalker Outfitters custom rods are proudly built in the USA. These rods are available in three lengths. Together they build a set of Wahoo rods.

Length-tip to top of butt- SHORT 32"

                                        MID 44"

                                        LONG 54"

Guides-Aftco Big Foot Rollers-Black Frame triple wrapped on rods

Top-SHORT Aftco Swivel 

        MID and LONG Winthrop Tackle Roller Top

Butt-Stuart #4 IGFA Bent all black

These rods are designed specifically for Wahoo fishing. They can be used alone or together as the ultimate Wahoo rod set. They are designed to troll six rods right off the tips, with out using outriggers. The different lengths allow the lines to "stack" so you can turn and catch multiple hook ups with out tangling. Whether you are getting started, or you are a pro, the right set of rods is a must have to successfully Hi -Seed troll for Wahoo.


Choose our Wahoo Deep Drop Black Series Hybrid. Some crews choose to keep all the rods the same for a more versatile rod arsenal. This rod is a great option for electric reels being used for multiple fisheries including high speed wahoo fishing, deep dropping and daytime sword fishing; built to the same specs as our Stalker Outfitter Wahoo/Deep Drop rod without the custom grip/thread work and SIN Fuji guides instead of the SIC:

Length-Tip to top of butt-48"

Guides-Fuji SIN, triple wrapped on rods

Top-Winthrop Tackle Roller

Butt-Stuart#4 IGFA bent all black

Grip-Round EVA