Bonita Fold-Over*

Made from the best Bonita slabs available thinned down, folded over and rigged backwards. This allows the water to flow over the bait with the grain of the meat keeping the bait in tact for longer periods of time. Excellent bait choice for Daytime Sword Fishing in areas with stronger currents. Rigged on 6ft of 300lb leader on single non-stainless Mustad or VMC 10/0 hook (availability does vary).


*Requires the minimum frozen bait shipping option. This is the minimum charge for ground orders only and must fit in our small bait coolers, holds up to 24 baits. Prices vary State by State. The Shipping Address provided on the website will dictate your shipping options. For special shipping options or orders over the 24 bait max please contact the shop directly. 


Dry ice is now extremely difficult to obtain unless ordered ahead of time in large volume. This means we cannot guarantee our normal shipping schedule. Ground shipments arriving in one days time will now have special gel packs in them allowing consistent turn around. Baits will still need to be order by Wednesday 3:00pm EST to be shipped out the same week. Any orders after the deadline will be shipped the following Monday unless special arrangements are made. However, any shipments over the one day standard ground, will still require dry ice to insure the baits arrive frozen. Until we have a local and reliable source of dry ice, we will have to collect bait orders until we are able to make the minimum volume for bulk dry ice delivery. Overnight shipping options are available with the gel packs. Please call the shop to discuss rapid shipping options or with any other questions specific to your order. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and are doing our best to fulfill orders. Thank you.