New Series Hybrid Daytime Swordfish Rod

New Series Hybrid Daytime Swordfish rods are the shortest option in our line up of custom daytime swordfish rods. This rod is a popular choice for anglers that do not intend on using the rod mainly for Sword fishing, but may do it from time to time. Particularly popular with anglers traveling long distances to get to their fishing destination where multiple fishing styles will be done and changing rod tops throughout the day for each application is not feasible. With this hybrid design, we have combined a balance of length, strength, and durability to allow this rod to be used for Daytime Sword fishing, wahoo, and deep drop.

Tip to top of butt-48"

Guides-Fuji SIN Guides - Smoke Frame. Each guide foot is triple wrapped on every guide.

Roller Top-Winthrop Tackle 

Butt-Stuart#4 IGFA bent all black


This rod is designed as a hybrid rod capable of covering three different major heavy duty use fisheries. Deep Drop fishing, Daytime Sword fishing, and high speed Wahoo trolling. Capable to use on 80lb class reels for manual applications or electric reels.

*Additional options and colors are available, please contact the shop by phone or email for all custom requests.