• Rigged Bonita Strip*

Rigged Bonita Strip*

Due to high levels of action in the baits movements, regardless of high current or low current situations, the rigged Bonita strip has become quite popular as a rigged sword fish bait option. Particularly popular on the buoy rod with increased action and good hook up to landing ratios. One continuous piece of floss in a figure-eight pattern on the eye cross stitched multiple times down the hook and back to the eye to ensure the maximum durability of each strip. Rigged on 6ft of 300lb leader on single non-stainless Mustad or VMC 10/0 hook (hook and skirt availability does vary). 


*Requires the minimum frozen bait shipping option. This is the minimum charge for ground orders only and must fit in our small bait coolers, holds UP TO 24 baits. Quantities may vary based on baits chosen. Prices vary State by State. The Shipping Address provided on the website will dictate your shipping options. For special shipping options or orders over the 24 bait max please contact the shop directly.