• Whole Squid*

Whole Squid*

The whole squid has always been an amazing bait for catching swordfish. While many believe it to be to fragile for daytime sword fishing, we have developed a rigging method providing anglers with a stronger more durable squid that can withstand the abuse of a swordfish bite just as good as many other baits out there. Excellent bait for slow current conditions and also a great choice for anglers choosing to fish a buoy rod. 

We seek the highest quality squid from our distributors and therefore product will vary based on availability at the time of purchase.

*Requires the minimum frozen bait shipping option. This is the minimum charge for ground orders only, shipping to FL, GA, AL, MI, parts of SC, NC, VA, LA and must fit in our small bait cooler. This only applies to orders placed Monday-Wednesday before 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Frozen Bait must arrive and ship in the same week. All other orders may require additional costs. Stalker Outfitters will contact you via email for approval prior to shipping.